#Hashtag PR

When you can’t find a job in your field, create one!

As a millennial, I’ve struggled to try to find a job in the Windsor Essex market where I could use the skills that I’ve learned from my many years of attending higher education establishments. Now perhaps I’m being picky about the places and positions I am applying for, but I’m working towards obtaining a career in my respective industry rather than just landing a job anywhere.

More often than not, I’ll see job posting requiring years of experience. Or better yet, jobs reserved for internal applicants only and sometimes even the illusive nepotistic positions that are posted merely as a courtesy to deflect accusations of unfairness.

From this struggle, I came up with an idea. What if instead of searching for my perfect career-launching job, and sending out countless resumes and cover letters into the wind, I just created the job I wanted? BOOM! #Hashtag PR was born.

#Hashtag PR

Helping you communicate with your public in fun and innovative ways!

Check out the site ^^^^^^^

#Hashtag PR, and yes it is spelled with both the symbol and the word, is a digital communications company I created out of a need to earn a living, showcase the education I’ve worked hard on and put into the practice the skills I’ve worked to refine. I specialize in:

  • public relations
  • social media marketing
  • event photography

Since I am new to working professionally as my own entity in this industry, I’ve decided to keep my prices limbo-champion low! I hope to attract the attention of the non-profits and charity organizations in the city, whom often don’t have a big budget to spend on their communications efforts.
As the Director of #Hashtag PR, I can ensure that every project I take on is done to the best of my ability. That means fast turn around times, top quality work and a positive working relationship.

So, if you know anyone in the Windsor Essex region in need of a communications gal, send them my way and be sure to check out my site #Hashtag PR!


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