Big Mouth is a Big Hit… on Netflix

This animated comedy is all about kids, but it’s definitely not for kids! The show, if you caught the message in the theme song is all about preteen bodies going through changes known as puberty.

Why you should be watching Archer

This week’s show is Archer! With 9 seasons currently on Netflix, Archer provides you with a lot of binging material. The earlier episodes can be watched in any order because there’s no real story arc. But by about season 4, that changes. The show is an adult cartoon, drawn in the style of a comic … Continue reading Why you should be watching Archer

Three reasons to watch Bojack Horseman

It's Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday, ha!

It's nearly the weekend and as you know St. Clair's MediaPlex puts on a live radio show every Friday where I have a segment called The Best Flicks on Netflix...