Here’s why Black Mirror is Bingeworthy

Black mirror is one of those shows that will make you question whether our continued fascination with technology is a good thing or will ultimately lead to the destruction of the world as we know it.

Top 10 Shows on Netflix Every Twenty-Something Should Watch

This list features shows that are both newer and older, animated and live action. What they have in common is that they are awesome shows that are available on Canadian Netflix that every twenty-something should watch! Why should every twenty something watch these shows you say? Well it's because most of them are thought provoking, … Continue reading Top 10 Shows on Netflix Every Twenty-Something Should Watch

Designing a Pamphlet

As part of the public relations program at St. Clair College, we are required to take a graphic design course. Currently I'm working on creating a pamphlet for an assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to try to incorporate the design elements we've learned into one cohesive project. So with that said, here is … Continue reading Designing a Pamphlet