Bright Lights Windsor

Welcome friends to a magical light display the city of Windsor decided to put on at Jackson Park! Featured below, are some of the pictures I took of my little muse. Unfortunately, the night we went was incredibly cold (at least -15c) and there was a huge snow storm that was getting my poor DSLR … Continue reading Bright Lights Windsor

A Great End to my First Semester

Just a little update here. My first semester of college is coming to an end, and what's a better way to finishing the semester than by earning a publication credit! A colleague and friend of mine, Alyssa, just wrote a cool article about Christmas tree farms and the impact of artificial trees. Here's a link to … Continue reading A Great End to my First Semester

A Boy at Malden

Hello Readers! I wanted to show you what I've been working on with my little muse. This next collection features my boy at a local nature park, it's called  A boy at Malden. Let me know what you think about the collection, or if you have any ideas for future concepts I'd love to hear … Continue reading A Boy at Malden