Photography and Public Relations

In public relations, you have to wear many hats. One day you could be planning an event for a hotel chain, and the next you could be shooting promotional pictures for a non-profit organization! So it's important to hone skills in a variety of areas. Since I already love photography, I figured it would be … Continue reading Photography and Public Relations

Winter Photoshoot turned Snowball Fight

It's Tuesday. Like any other Tuesday this semester,  us public relations students have our photography class. Luckily, this Tuesday was warmer than usual so I didn't mind having to take photos outside. Down to the river, I walked with my friends, I'll leave them unnamed except for one, Chelsea... check out her blog. Yes, I do … Continue reading Winter Photoshoot turned Snowball Fight

Bright Lights Windsor

Welcome friends to a magical light display the city of Windsor decided to put on at Jackson Park! Featured below, are some of the pictures I took of my little muse. Unfortunately, the night we went was incredibly cold (at least -15c) and there was a huge snow storm that was getting my poor DSLR … Continue reading Bright Lights Windsor