#Hashtag PR

When you can't find a job in your field, create one! As a millennial, I've struggled to try to find a job in the Windsor Essex market where I could use the skills that I've learned from my many years of attending higher education establishments. Now perhaps I'm being picky about the places and positions … Continue reading #Hashtag PR

Three reasons to watch The Devil is a Part Timer

This week’s show is The Devil is a Part Timer. Even though there is only one season consisting of 13 episodes available on Netflix, it’s the kind of show that is so silly that you can watch it over and over again without succumbing to boredom.  The devil is a part-timer is a light-hearted anime … Continue reading Three reasons to watch The Devil is a Part Timer

Game of thrones back in 2018?

Game of Thrones back in 2018? Lately, I have been going through Game of Thrones withdrawal, and with the next season not set to air until 2019 things didn't seem to be looking up. Until... I heard about a Games of Thrones Trivia Night that is set to take place April 3rd. Obviously, as soon … Continue reading Game of thrones back in 2018?