Musings of the World of Ice & Fire: Opening Scene Season 1

With more than 4 months before the debut of the last season of Game of Thrones, I've decided to rewatch the series and write about the events, characters and discussions that stand out to me.

Three reasons to watch Altered Carbon

The weekend is almost here, so that mean it's time for another installment of The Best Flicks on Netflix. You can listen to broadcast, which was recorded live at St. Clair College's MediaPlex on the Live at 10:00am News Show by clicking here. Or, you can read the transcript below. Welcome to the Best Flicks … Continue reading Three reasons to watch Altered Carbon

Designing a Pamphlet

As part of the public relations program at St. Clair College, we are required to take a graphic design course. Currently I'm working on creating a pamphlet for an assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to try to incorporate the design elements we've learned into one cohesive project. So with that said, here is … Continue reading Designing a Pamphlet